Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Cost effective doesn’t mean compromise. With our HP Indigo set-up we take digital print to new levels with speciality inks, stunning paper and second-to-none attention to detail, to deliver the sharpest results in the industry.

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Digital White Ink

HP Indigo ElectroInk White on transparent, dark or metallic material delivers a high-impact result for invitations, greeting cards, books, reports and brochure covers. Printable in a single or multiple hits, it creates subtle design effects not achievable with other digital printing processes.

Neon Colours

Neon pink, green, yellow and orange create amazing effects under UV lighting or simply add a pop of colour. Neon colours can used to overprint CMYK colours to add vibrancy; double hit for increased intensity.

Digital Pantones

When CMYK doesn’t quite deliver the vibrancy, pastel effect or specific shade you’re looking for, the full range of standard Pantones are available to use on our HP Indigo digital press. Pantone colours are mixed at HP Indigo’s ink manufacturing facility and provide excellent colour reproduction.

Digital Primer

Our HP Indigo 7900 press is permanently loaded with priming solution, meaning we can print on pretty much any coated and uncoated material. The primer is spot printed as an additional colour, allowing the tactile qualities of your chosen paper to be retained.

One Shot Technology

With digital one shot technology, we lay down all the colours, with the inclusion of white plus CMYK, on the transfer blanket and the ink is then transferred to the paper in ‘one shot’, achieving perfect registrations of all colours, even with more tricky, intricate jobs.

When printing on synthetic materials, one shot technology can be used to combat mis-registration of colours that can be caused when stretch takes place due to the heat of the printing process.

Talk to us to discover more about this process and the possibilities that can be achieved.