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Scodix UV Polymer

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Create a printing experience that touches the senses with Scodix UV Polymer

We are now offering you the opportunity to engage your senses and unleash the power of Scodix Digital UV Polymer high build gloss varnish produced using digital inkjet technology. Scodix is a print enhancement that adds a luxury look and feel to ordinary print runs by producing a raised ink experience, and is printed on top of an image after the printing and laminating processing, creating impact and exclusivity to your print. This digital application provides a much faster turnaround than spot UV, is much more economical for short runs, and can enhance print that spot UV cannot.

The effect of print finished with Scodix can be difficult to photograph, but we hope you can get an idea from the photo above of our “Retro Reflection” set of four cards. The cards are digitally printed full colour process, laminated with the Soft Touch Laminate, which gives the background a deeper, richer and more intense black, and then finally finished with the high gloss Scodix UV Polymer, creating a clear reflective finish. To request a set of cards please email us at

More on UV Polymer capabilities

Scodix UV Polymer can also be printed using greyscale images which creates textured effects of varnish for lower tint levels, taking image enhancement to a whole new level. We will be producing samples using this technique so look out for these. In the mean time if you would like to know more about the Scodix possibilities please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.

A couple of things to know about the technology

  • UV Digital Polymer is not suitable for edge to edge printing due to the thickness and clarity of the varnish being a glass like finish which when guillotined in the traditional way can result in the varnish shattering. We recommend to leave a 2-3mm clear border for the varnish.
  • UV Digital Polymer works with coated and laminated products, but due to the absorption of the polymer on uncoated stocks the finish is not suitable unless laminated.
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