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Tags: Digital Print, White Ink, Labels

Introducing Kraft, the new addition to the material range for PCL3 labels from Avery, which can be printed digitally with our HP Indigo.

Printing colour directly onto kraft-style materials has a really nice look, but as printing inks are translucent, the colours do take on the material shade. However, with the addition of digital white ink as a base, we can also print more vibrant, bolder hues onto these labels, as well as vivid, undiluted white.


We stock the standard machine coated gloss version of all PCL3 pre-cut label formats which are supplied on A4 sheets. Visuals shown are for our larger print format sheets, so A4 would be half of what you see here.

We’re can also print standard, non-recut labels, plus cut to any size or custom kiss-cut to shape using our in-house kiss-cutting capability.


As well as the kraft and stock machine coated gloss, there is a huge range of other materials available to us, most of which can be printed on our digital press using the onboard primer where required. These include metallics, fluorescent, gloss polyester and more.

If you would like a sample of the new PCL3 Kraft labels, please drop an email to

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