Paper Over Board

Paper Over Board

Using printed paper, fabrics or a range of other materials to create products such as menu covers, ring binders, slip cases and presentation boxes. The range of products that can be created is vast, limited only by your imagination and sheet size.

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Custom Ring Binders

Using paper over high-density grey board and heavy duty creasing, we can create luxury bespoke ring binders using standard ring mechanisms. Sizes are available up-to lever-arch 2 ring capacity.

Presentation Boxes

We can produce many styles of presentation boxes, including clamshell, individual boxes & lids or bespoke formats, along with tailored foam inserts.

Menu & Document Covers

A smaller hinge board allows the menu or document to fully fold back, and by drilling and using binding screws, inserts can be easily and regularly changed if required.

Luxury Materials

The range of cover materials we can work with is pretty much limitless, from standard papers, through to fabrics and leather look finishes, all in a range of colours and textures to suit brand requirements.