Often underused, folding can be a creative way to make a booklet from a single sheet and get more out of your budget. We offer all the standard industry folds, but do talk to us as the options are endless.

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Our folding machine allows us to fold up to six times in one direction and four times in another, creating a booklet-style finish to a larger folded sheet.

Creased for Perfect Folds

All our folding, where required, is creased to create perfect, crack-free folding, even up to 400gsm board thicknesses. Machine creasing and folding in a single pass on our two heavy duty folders allow sizes down to a minimum of 140x90mm for super small products.

Up to 10 Straight Folds

By adjusting the format of our folding machine, we are able to fold a single sheet up to 10 times in one direction, in either concertina or roll-fold format.

Hand Folding

Our machines can fold in many formats, however, for short runs hand folding is sometimes the best approach. For hand folding, we pre-crease to allow for ease and precision.