The perfect solution for many packing and promotional items, with both small and large volumes cut crisply and accurately. With the use of Heidelberg Platens and Cylinders we can die-cut, perforate, crease and kiss-cut. We also have the facility for CNC cutting on any prototypes prior to full production.

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Die-cut and Crease

Perfect for packaging and presentation products like pocket folders, cartons and wallets. Using a creasing matrix applied to the creasing rules within the die, the cuts and creases are achieved in a single pass, resulting in a product that’s ready to make up or glue.

Cut to Shape

Circular, triangular, hexagonal and so much more, die-cutting can be used to shape pretty much any product, be it an invitation, face mask or swing tag.

Aperture Cuts

Great for brochure or document covers where a cut-out is required in the centre of the sheet, allowing a view of the pages beneath.


Kiss-cutting is for creating labels. It simply cuts through the top layer of the label, allowing the backing sheet to remain intact. This allows for easy removal of labels and multiple shapes on a sheet.