You may have noticed how we’ve recently created a bit of a recent social media stir with our unconventional ‘The Year Starts Here’ calendar launch, where every single page is unique and a little bit special.

Each January, along with every other printer in the land, we produce a show-stopping (if we say so ourselves) calendar boasting our latest techniques and materials – but we didn’t want to wait another four months to show off our newest tricks – and besides, we get requests for new calendars 12 months a year, so we thought, why wait?

It turns out, based on the response we’ve had, a lot of people on social media agree. It’s been fantastic to see our fans and followers sharing the #PrintLove on their own Instagram channels.

We plan to keep this going as a rolling project, so a new, up-to-the-minute calendar will be available every month, featuring all our latest enhancements and finishes. Basically, a new year will begin for someone whenever one of our calendars lands on their doormat. We like that.

A few more highlights from our social followers…

Please email to request your #TheYearStartsHere calendar – and don’t forget to tag us in your social media snaps @ColourOptions.