Protect and decorate

A wide range of specialist finishes are available, offering enhancement to printed materials such as book or magazine covers, packaging, menus, business cards or other printed matter.


Lamination is a plastic film which is applied to printed sheets one or both sides offering enhancement and protection for printed materials. We offer an increasing range of laminates in addition to our standard range or gloss, matt and soft touch films including;

  • Anti-scuff Matt
  • Textured films – Fine Linen, Sand and Brushed Aluminium
  • Soft Touch Black
  • Metalised Soft Touch
  • Matt or Gloss Silver
  • Biodegradable Gloss or Matt

Scodix Digital Enhancement

Scodix Polymer

A clear spot UV polymer produces outstanding super high gloss effects that add value to any product. Unlike traditional spot UV varnish, this print enhancement offers variable densities in one pass whilst ensuring registration accuracy using the on board camera system. Polymer height can be adjusted thus creating amazing tactile effects that jump off the sheet.

Only minimal setup is required to produce stunning effects across a wide range of substrates. This finish can be applied to sheets of paper, board and plastics such as Polypropylene, PVC, and PET, together with laminated products including foil or mirror board. Being a digital process, this print enhancement can be variable and therefore have different patterns on each sheet during production. The spot polymer can also be used as an alternative to conventional embossing.

Scodix Foil

The revolutionary spot foiling enhancement is truly stunning! This remarkable digital process offers the highest gloss foiling on the market without the need for any films or dies. The foil can be raised to give an embossed effect whilst still retaining a high gloss finish which traditional foil blocking loses through heavy impression and heat. This service is available on most materials including synthetic substrates like polypropylene and clear plastic sheets, all without the need for embossing.

Direct from artwork, our press inkjets a clear polymer on to the sheet which travels through a foiling unit and accepts the foil in exacting detail. Registration is guaranteed using the on board cameras which allows foil to be printed on top of foil. Imagine an intricate detailed silver foil pattern on top of a stunning gold foil design, seeing really is believing! This high value-added print enhancement service includes many foils currently available on the market and already used in traditional foil blocking, therefore coloured and sparkle foils will soon be an option.