A stunning finishing technique that bonds two, three or even more sheets to create unique and memorable printed communication, adding an extra layer of quality to business cards, invitations, documents and booklets.

Take it a step further and combine with foiling, die-cutting or laser-cutting, to allow colour and effects to show through. The possibilities are endless.

Our quick guide to duplexing, triplexing & multiplexing:


The bonding together of two sheets. When using the same material throughout, the seam is barely visible and excellent for creating extra thick business cards and invitations. Alternatively, use a different sheet both sides to create unique printed products.


The bonding of three sheets. This can use the same material and colour throughout to increase the weight of the finished product, a different coloured centre or three completely different shades.


There are no limits with multiples; we can bond together as many sheets as you wish, creating products as thick as 10mm.