This is a stunning paper finishing technique…

Duplexing, Triplexing and Multiplexing… this is the bonding together of two, three or even more sheets to create unique and memorable printed communications. From business cards to invitations and document covers, if you want that extra ‘touch’ of quality then start here!

Take it a step further and combine with foiling, die cutting or laser-cutting e.g. you could die-cut the front board allowing the colour of the second board to show through. The possibilities are endless!

Duplex – this is the bonding together of two sheets. When using the same material both sides the seam is barely visible and excellent for creating super thick business cards and invitations! Alternatively use a different sheet both sides to create unique printed products.

Triplex – this is the bonding together of three sheets. Again these could be all the same material but to even further increase the weight of the finished product. Alternatively use the same sheet top and bottom with a coloured centre or go wild and have 3 completely different substrates!

Multiplex – this is where the limits are endless! We can bond together as many sheets as you wish, creating products as thick as 10mm. It seems extreme but the option is there for you if you need it.

A couple of things to remember…

Although this is a relatively straight forward finishing process there are a couple of points to bare in mind when specifying a product with a duplex, triplex or multiplexed finish.

Balancing of materials. When specifying materials with this finishing process remember that the weight of the sheets being bonded should balance out evenly to each side to minimise any curling effects when the bonding adhesive drys. The minimum weight for duplexing, triplexing or multiplexing is 175gsm, although the thicker the better!

Allow additional production time. We always recommend leaving sheets 2-3 working days after being bonded together in order to give the adhesive time to cure minimising any curling that can occur.