Looking for better campaign efficiency?

We’ll handle your campaign print and fulfilment, saving yourself time and staff costs. Looking after you and your interests, we can handle the print and fulfilment of your direct mail campaigns to ensure continuity and consistency.

Combining both digital and litho printing, liaising with you and/or your in-house marketing team, we become an extension of your business and give each and every job the care and attention we know you expect. Take advantage of versioning, variable data and personalised digital printing –  highly targeted marketing for better results.

Mailing costs are on the rise, and by taking advantage of our direct mail and fulfilment service we can reduce the cost of your campaign against using regular stamps or buying/renting expensive franking equipment.


Direct mail versus email – where are we now?

Before you make decisions on email marketing check out some recent opinions on what’s best. It would be easy to think that direct marketing through email has won the day for direct marketers. It’s easy to set up, you can reach a huge audience and all at a fraction of the cost per addressee when compared to printed direct mail pieces.

What’s in your inbox? – Even though email marketing has become very popular over the last few years, direct mail still carries weight with customers. A survey carried by Return Path (http://www.returnpath.com) revealed 70 percent of all spam complaints were against email marketers. Add spam blockers to this and you have a situation where many emails do not even reach an inbox. Furthermore, once your promotion has become spam your brand can suffer a detrimental effect as well. On the other hand, direct mail pieces will, at the very least be considered up to the point of being handled or removed from envelopes before they go in the bin.

Trust – Surveys have shown that direct mail is trusted more than email. It’s not difficult to understand taking into account scams, phishing, privacy and the threat to your computer. Direct mail is tangible. Businesses will commit to great effort and cost to get their promotion in front of people. This suggests there is substance behind it and it is not a smart looking website reselling products direct from their supplier. Meanwhile, the growing threat of identity theft and viruses has made people hit the delete button even sooner, often before they even see what’s on offer.

Direct Mail offers creativity and flexibility – Digital printing uses highly advanced technology for including personalised information in promotions. If the data is available it doesn’t add a huge cost to the campaign. There has also been an explosion in the availability of distinctive, quality papers and unusual finishing techniques giving opportunities for creatives to produce something eye-catching and tactile which goes beyond the two dimensional screen and formatting constraints of email.

Try it and see – Email campaigns have been applauded for their try-it-and-see ability, but with short run printing you can test a sample audience and re-test after modifications before going for the longer run. So before you leap into your next email campaign consider the impact on your customers when they receive yet another email to clog up their inbox.

Take another look at the advantages and potential of direct mail with digital printing.