moon calendar

The moon’s orbital journey around the Earth in shades of Curious Skin by Arjowiggins

This year we created a Moon Calendar showing a graphic representation of the lunar cycle through the year with a selection of beautiful sensual touch colours from the “Curious Skin” collection by Arjowiggins. Digital printing is what we’re all about, and with the aid of the HP Indigo Electroink White we were able to create translucent and solid white text and images on all the selected shades of the Curious Collection range. The final touch to the cover was a digitally printed polymer black shiny moon, finished off with digitally foiled stars, illustrating the very rare lunar event.

Although our Moon Calendar includes the full moon dates, it doesn’t include the traditional Full Moon names, we therefore thought our BLOG might make seeing those 12 full moons this year more interesting.

  • Cover – Curious Skin Black
  • January (Wolf Moon) – Curious Skin Dark Blue
  • February (Snow Moon) – Curious Skin Grey
  • March (Worm Moon) – Curious Skin Lavender
  • April (Pink Moon) – Curious Skin Indigo
  • May (Flower Moon) – Curious Skin Absynthe
  • June (Strawberry Moon) – Curious Skin Orange
  • July (Buck Moon) – Curious Skin Red
  • August (Sturgeon Moon) – Curious Skin Pink
  • September (Harvest Moon) – Curious Skin Purple
  • October (Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon) – Curious Skin Violet
  • November (Beaver Moon) – Curious Skin Mocha
  • December (Cold Moon) – Curious Skin Emerald