Demand for fast turnaround high quality digital printing drives half a million investment with HP Indigo 7900 buy!

Having been HP Indigo users now for nearly 15 years, and knowing it to be the market-leader in digital print, choosing another press was not an option. This investment significantly expands our print capabilities and gives us the freedom to do more!

HP Indigo’s lead in print quality and colour, with it’s unique digital offset process, delivers the smoothest and sharpest print in the industry. Using up to 7 ink stations we are able to take advantage of special inks, and are permanently pre-loaded with digital white and on-board priming, enabling our customers to work with a huge array of beautiful papers and boards. So no matter how challenging your design, we’ve got it covered.

And what’s new?
High impact inks, including “Fluorescent Pink” with glow-in-the-dark effects; “One Shot” for printing on plastics and other specialty substrates; “Primer” for printing on an extended range of substrates; “Transparent Ink” for watermarks and security applications, and many more innovative special effects like the HP SmartStream Mosaic that can create millions of one-of-a-kind designs.