PUR Binding Investment

Colour Options invests in DigiBook 200 PUR Binder

Although Colour Options has been providing short-run EVA Perfect Binding in-house since 2009, the decision to invest in PUR Binding in September 2016 was due to the demand from our customers for increased binding strength and the flexibility and ‘lay-flat’ qualities that PUR binding offers.

PUR Binding or EVA Perfect Binding?

The fundamental difference between the two types of binding is the adhesive used in the process. Perfect Binding uses EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) adhesives, whereas PUR binding uses PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesives. And it is the properties of each type of adhesive that is important in determining which is suitable.

PUR adhesive offers increased binding strength, and can prove beneficial if books, catalogues, publications have to withstand rigorous use or temperature extremes. Other factors include the ease at which the PUR glue adheres to ink, films, coated papers and boards, as well as traditional uncoated papers.

But the key reason for PUR binding is due to the excellent flexibility and ‘lay-flat’ qualities that the PUR adhesive offers. The benefits are two-fold. Firstly, due to PUR requiring a smaller layer of adhesive, it allows even the thinnest of books to maintain a square and rigid spine. Secondly, when applied to standard thickness, PUR glue provides more flexibility and pliability than EVA, which allows books to demonstrate lie flat characteristics. This in turn minimizes any spine cracking when the finished product is flattened out for reading.

EVA Perfect Binding should not be dismissed and is a viable option. EVA adhesives are still very effective and continue to produce strong, commercially sound products. Perfect Binding is commonly used with lightweight coated substrates and is a cheaper option when compared against PUR binding.

Both processes are used, and the question as to “which is better”, is down to “which is the most suitable”, and is very much job specific. The team at Colour Options are here to answer your questions and give you the very best binding options for your needs.

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